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Make some lifetime memories from your vacation to Anna Maria! Private, Captained, Luxury boat cruise - Sunset Cruise, Sightseeing Cruise, Swimming, Snorkeling, Sandbar, Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, Longboat Key, Passage Key, Egmont Key & Sarasota. Enjoy a Beautiful Scenic Getaway with our Sunset Cruise. Take a full-service cruise today and enjoy the natural views of Anna Maria, Bradenton, Longboat Key and Sarasota you will never forget. Flexible scheduling, depending upon sunset times, and year-round services are available for your convenience. Travel through the bay and inland waters and enjoy the incredible wildlife of Dolphins, Manatees, many bird species, and eagles. Watch the famously gorgeous sunset from the Gulf of Mexico 3 Hours from $750 up to 12 passengers includes a coast guard licensed captain, a PHENOMENAL Brand-New REGAL LX4 24’ Boat to take you anywhere you want to see in First Class Style! Plus includes a 7ft 10in x 5in Sunchill raft which tethers to the boat when at the sand bar!

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Boat Details

We have a brand new 2022 Regal LX4 24’ Boat that can seat up to 12 Adults. Optimized for incredible performance, functionality, and luxury, the LX4 doesn’t compromise. Brilliantly designed, this 24-foot outboard-powered bowrider uses every available inch to increase seating and storage space. Add standard Slide-Away Seating, deep lazarette storage, and a wide interior beam, the LX4 shines excellence.


An innovative feature on a 24' package, the Slide-Away Seating allows you to create nearly a foot of extra space in the cockpit or at the swim platform with the touch of a button.


The multi-position backrest converts from a forward-facing seat to an aft-facing lounger.


The LX4 features a wide interior beam for maximum seating and storage


Two four-position Ultra Lounges provide versatility and comfort for your day on the water.


The LX4 is designed with optimization for outboard power in mind. Every inch has been meticulously thought through to provide more storage, more seating, more comfort, and optimal performance.

A 7ft 10in x 5in Sunchill is Included for your Boat Charter!

Say goodbye to the era of the floating mat and, "Hello!" to the newest and absolute best way to float the day away! Made with high tech poly-pro fabric netting that flexes ever so slightly for a completely relaxing, comfortable experience that is built to last in the sun and salt. Designed to be quickly deployed and easily stored away, the Sunchill weighs only 18 lbs and rolls up to the size of sleeping bag.

This beautiful spacious new 24’ Regal LX4 has a transom shower, underwater blue lights, a Yamaha 300 HP motor. Seating can be adjusted to sunning lounges, laid flat, or rear-facing. Has 2 ladders. A Swim deck, a lot of storage space and a cooler. Also has both a GPS, Fish Finder and Depth Finder and a Bluetooth stereo. Food and Drinks may be brought on board, we ask that you keep eating/drinking paused while cruising to avoid spills/stains. There will be plenty of opportunities to do that once anchored at a sand bar! Boats Tours must end before dark.


3 Hour Sunset Tour $750 Up to 12 guests and US Coast Guard Captain included.

Each additional hour thereafter is $250 per hour (covers captain and boat).

As a Bareboat Charter we are unable to sell food or beverages.

Credit cards accepted

AMEX, Master Card, Visa and Discover credit cards/debit cards.

Fuel and taxes are additional costs.


Shoes must be removed, and feet must be cleaned before boarding. No moving or standing while the boat is in motion.

I will not open messy food on the boat. If dirtied by our group, I agree to pay cleaning costs. The renter will be 100% responsible for any damages, issues, or bad conditions done to the boat during the rental period.

Terms and Conditions

US Coast Guard safety equipment and Life Vests in all sizes provided. We also have several toddler and infant life jackets. If a person is under 10 they are required to wear a life jacket while on the boat. If outside the boat (swimming), all individuals should wear a life jacket. Smoking is NOT allowed on the boat. Pets are NOT allowed on the boat. No fireworks or highly flammable materials are allowed on the boat. No RED WINE or DARK BEVERAGES are allowed on the boat.

Cancellation Policy

Boat Rental cancellations or date changes must be made by phone 48 hours in advance of rental date. We do not charge if cancellation is due to bad weather, and we reserve the right to cancel at any time. Cancellations must be made by phone (651-236-0995) at least 48 hours in advance of time of the scheduled rental. Renters who cancel at least 48 hours prior to the time of the scheduled rental will receive a full refund. Renters who cancel less than 48 hours prior to the time of the scheduled rental will be refunded, less a $100 cancellation fee. No shows will be charged full rental price plus taxes.

Waiver and release of liability

I agree to the terms of the waiver and release of liability as stated here. I hereby waive all claims, rights, or causes of action of any kind arising out of my participation in this boat rental. This boat is not to be used for diving, water sports, towing of another watercraft or inflated items. Its sole purpose is for recreation and viewing the Anna Maria surroundings and not for sports of any kind.


The renter Indemnifies the owner free and harmless against any liabilities like accidents, loss of property, injury, or death of any person. The renter indemnifies the owner if for any reason a charter is late departing or arriving and a flight is missed, or any inconvenience is caused resulting in a missed appointment, etc.

Bintelli Electric Bicycle Rental

PERFECT for ANNA MARIA!!! With a Hybrid Electric Bike, you can pedal or push the electric throttle! BIG FAT TIRES great for roaming the Beach! Head Light, Taillight, Blinkers, Brake Light, Horn, cruise up to 25 MPH. We provide basket and Bintelli Pouch for phone storage and carrying items like keys, etc.

The Bintelli Fusion is the first of its kind! A hybrid vehicle combining the ease of owning an electric bicycle (no registration, license, insurance required) with all the amazing features of a scooter (head light, taillight, brake light, turn signal, horn, and comfortable seat)! With the Bintelli Fusion you will get looks and double takes every time you ride it!

Not only can you cruise up to 25mph, but the Fusion has been designed to be used on or off road! Its rugged tires are great for the beach or on your Anna Maria’s bike paths all around the city! A Bintelli exclusive… the Fusion will be the most fun you have ever had on an "e-bike!

Exclusively Rented to our Guests only.

This Fusion eBike is to be charged after the battery level is halfway, that way you will never run out of battery. Plug in the charger to the battery underneath the seat then into the electrical socket on the house. This form is to be filled out one per bike ($75 per day)